Our Mission

“We help AI learn from real-world data”

At Coxwave, our mission is to empower businesses to utilize real-world data to train their AI models. We believe that traditional methods of training AI in laboratory environments with pre-collected datasets limit the potential of AI-native products. Our goal is to help businesses build AI-native products that are not only powerful, but also safe and innovative.

To achieve this, we assist businesses analyze user’s interactions with AI products, allowing the models to adapt to real-world scenarios. We also help businesses identify and address any inherent flaws and limitations of AI to ensure its safety and responsibility.

By harnessing the power of real-world data, we aim to empower businesses to build better, more effective AI-native products and drive the AI revolution forward. Join us on our mission to bring AI to the next level.

Join Our Team!

We are building the next-generation product analytics tool for AI-native product. We are constantly seeking exceptional individuals to join our team and help drive our mission forward. If you&re interested in joining us, please send your resume to careers@coxwave.com to be considered for current and future opportunities.



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